The 10 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

You’re the guy that doesn’t want to have a typical Bachelor Party. You want a great, unique Bachelor Party that you and all your buddies can enjoy. Good news. Jude Ridge has put together THE list for helping you decide on the perfect Bachelor Party – The 10 Best Bachelor Party Ideas.

1. Horsepower: It could be renting exotic cars for a day like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley or Rolls Royce from a company like Gotham Dream Cars, or ripping through the desert in ATV’s or UTV’s from a company like Desert Wolf Tours. Maybe even spending the afternoon racing go-karts at a place like Victory Lane Karting or making laps on track with the The Racing Experience. You can’t argue that it doesn’t get much better than any of these. Put the pedal to the metal and see what the fellas are made of. (If there’s any racing going on, the guys might want to let the groom win at least once.) $$ – $$$$

2. Road Trip: You’ve always dreamed about it and said it’s something you want to do, but probably haven’t been able to get all the guys together to do it. Well here’s your chance. Rent an SUV, hit the open road and visit the places you’ve all wanted to travel to. This is a great opportunity to tie-in some major events or locations. It could be visiting the Great Sand Dunes National Park or maybe catching a concert at Gorge Amphitheater. Perhaps taking on the mountainside cliffs of Rumney which is arguably the best sport crag to climb in New England or enjoying everything a hidden travel gem like Door County, Wisconsin has to offer. With a road trip, you can’t go wrong. $$ – $$$$

3. Deep Sea Fishing: No better way to release stress and have a good time, than to put a bunch of guys up against a big game fish, or even a shark! This is a great bonding experience for everyone, and something that most guys may not get to do ever again. A good choice for those who don’t like to do too much planning – simply get to the boat and most deep sea fishing companies like Voyager Deep Sea Fishing, Cortez Deep Sea Fishing or Lady Stuart Deep Sea Fishing handle the rest. $$$ – $$$$

4. Paintball: Is the groom super competitive? If so, nothing like a game of paintball to get him in the zone and see what he’s made of. You can either compete against each other, or team up against the group of regulars who look like they might be semi-pro. Win, lose or draw scheduling a day at a place like The Combat Zone, Blitz Paintball, or Texas Paintball is a great way to bring your buddies together for a good time. $$

5. Beach House: Prefer to take it easy? This is a great chance for the groom and groomsmen to simply get away from the every day grind and relax. Throw football on the beach, go for a morning jog, play some golf, enjoy the local seafood or simply work on that wedding day tan. Booking a beach house rental through The VIR Group, Carolina Designs Vacation Rentals, or Island Realty is a great way to keep it low-key and have a good time. $$$ – $$$$

6. The Great Outdoors: Hiking or camping is a great way to spend time with your friends. Without a doubt, this may be one of the most peaceful and relaxing options on the list. Perfect for the groom who likes to keep things simple and enjoy nature. Nothing says a good time like hanging out around the bonfire under the open sky, plus this is a great cost effective option that won’t bust the budget. There are many state parks and campgrounds to choose from like Angels Landing, Bear Rocks Preserve, or Glacier National Park. $

7. Skydiving: The perfect option for the groom who is a thrill seeker. If he’s up for it, he can go solo. For those who aren’t so sure, a tandem skydive with an expert can ease some of those fears. And for the guys who like the idea of skydiving, but just can’t bring themselves to jump out of an airplane, there’s always indoor skydiving – a relatively new experience that simulates skydiving while inside of a wind tunnel. Places like Long Island Skydiving Center, Gold Coast Skydivers, or iFly Indoor Skydiving. $$$

8. Sporting Event: There will likely be no complaints about attending a sporting event for the groom’s favorite team or player. It could be standard seats or even a VIP experience with exclusive access. Sports brings everyone together for a good time. No matter the wedding date, there’s always a game close by. Football, baseball, basketball, racing, golf, you name it – you’re good! Whether it’s attending the Sugar Bowl, Bristol Motor Speedway or the NBA All-Star Game, there are always a lot of options for finding the perfect sporting event to attend. $$ – $$$

9. Game Night: Decide on the game or games that everyone is comfortable with, whether that be Monopoly, Madden, Call of Duty, cornhole or cards. A little competition always makes for good times, plus how often do you get to chill with all your buddies and find out who the gaming champion really is? Another option that’s extremely popular right now – escape rooms! These are fun, challenging and worthy of bragging rights. Some highly recommended options are Palace Games, Breakout KC or Locked In. Of course, no game night is complete without pizza, wings and beverages – but you can always take it to the next level and grill some Omaha Steaks before the fun begins. $ – $$

10. King’s Feast: A great option for those who have a day available, but simply don’t have the time to commit to a weekend getaway. It’s easy – rent a limo, get reservations at the best steakhouse in town, and live like kings for a night. No expenses spared – splurge, and make sure the groom feels like the KING amongst kings. You can’t go wrong with a stop at somewhere like Chicago Cut Steakhouse, Chops Lobster Bar or Del Posto. $$

If you have other Bachelor Party ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Send them to us on social media or via email!

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