"This is a picture of my fiancé’s Jude Ridge ring (The Mount) along with my engagement ring and wedding band! DECEMBER 15th, 2018 can’t get here fast enough!!

Jude Ridge is an absolutely amazing company! They have worked so closely with me with picking out my fiancé’s wedding ring and they are awesome and they are all about making sure that we are happy with our choice! Because face it you get so stressed out with wedding planning that picking out the fiancé’s ring gets put on the back burner but they have made this part of planning a breeze and so much fun as well!

They are even amazing with switching out the size, because he needed a size up from what I ordered! They have our lifetime loyalty if anything happens to his ring in the future! I would 100% recommend them to ANYONE!"

- Hannah A. from Mississippi

"Awesome company! Great customer service. 5 star rating here."

- Mike M. from North Carolina

"I love my ring from Jude Ridge. Maybe even more, I love the wood box that came with it. I've gotten so many compliments about how cool the box is from my friends and family. I'm glad I decided to go with Jude Ridge for my wedding ring. I had heard the nightmare stories from some of my friends who went the traditional mall jewelry store route to get their ring, but thankfully I was able to bypass all that hassle and order my ring from Jude Ridge where they delivered the band I wanted straight to my door. I've been wearing my ring for months and it's amazing how scratch resistant it is. I'm very active and like to work with my hands, but this ring is tough. I highly recommend anyone purchase their ring from Jude Ridge. You won't be disappointed."

- Scott M. from Alabama

"The Summit from Jude Ridge's silver tungsten collection is amazing! Love the wood box that is included with the ring and how they will send The Sizer to you for free so I don't have to step foot into a jewelry store."

- Travis M. from North Carolina

"Seriously, you can't go wrong with Jude Ridge. I hate going shopping, so when it came time to look for my ring I wasn't sure exactly where to look online. Thankfully, one of my buddies told me about Jude Ridge. I was impressed by his ring and the wood box it came in. Plus, when I heard how simple it was to purchase, I knew that was for me. I didn't know my size, but with the ring sizer they sent I was able to easily figure out what I needed and quickly had the ring and box in my mailbox. No in-store shopping required. I did everything from my phone. Couldn't be happier with my ring. Thanks, Jude Ridge. I'm telling all my friends where they need to get their ring."

- Brad R. from California

"Hadn’t heard of Jude Ridge before I stumbled on their site. MAN, AM I GLAD I DID! The Spire is an awesome looking black tungsten ring. Customer service is second to none!

- Mikie M. from North Carolina

"I started looking for a ring for my fiance shortly after we were engaged. I didn't like the options I saw in-stores, so I began my search online. I found Jude Ridge and am so glad I did. I wanted a unique box for our engagement and wedding photos. When I saw that Jude Ridge rings come with custom wood box, I was sold. My fiance and I are both extremely happy with our experience. Jude Ridge is the way to go."

- Samantha D. from Florida

"It's simple. If you want an awesome ring with an awesome box, then you need Jude Ridge. I'm old school and generally like to physically go inside of a store to do my shopping. However, it was a different world trying to shop for a ring inside of the stores I went to. It was worse than trying to buy a car. I want to take my time and make the decision for myself. I don't need someone hawking over me. I left those stores and decided to try and find a better alternative online. I found Jude Ridge and am definitely glad I did. The process was easy. The ring is great and the wood box is really nice. My recommendation is save yourself the trouble I went through. Skip the stores and go straight to Jude Ridge."

- Shawn F. from New York