Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight – Kristina Reyes & Josh Garcia

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight – Kristina Reyes & Josh Garcia

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Kristina Reyes & Josh Garcia - 1

Kristina Reyes & Josh Garcia are an awesome couple from Austin, Texas that Jude Ridge is proud to call customers. Kristina & Josh took the time to share their love story with us. We’ve got to say…Josh gets a 💯 for his proposal!

– How Kristina and Josh met?

“Well, we met on Instagram back in 2013. I sent Kristina a DM on Insta, but no response…

One month later she messaged me back, ‘Hey, Whats up? Do I know you?’

I was just excited and shocked she messaged me back. 😀 She told me she got a new phone and noticed she didn’t have the app. So, she downloaded it again and then she saw my message.

To this day, I thank God that she downloaded the Instagram app again, because if she didn’t I wouldn’t be sharing our story right now.

We wanted to meet up, but her mother had precautions since we met online. The only way we would be able to meet is if I met her whole family…all 6 of them. 😁

So, I did! We went to dinner and the first thing her mother asked me was if she could see my ID. I guess she wanted to make sure I was who I said I was online.

Thankfully, I passed the test and then I was able to take her out on dates.

That first dinner was in April 2013. We started dating in July 2013. I proposed March 2017 and we will be getting married March 2019.”

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– Things Kristina and Josh like to do together?

“Most of all, WE LOVE TO EAT TOGETHER! 🍽️ Wingstop, Whataburger, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Torchy’s Tacos, I can go on and on. We like to dance. We like country music and to go to concerts. We recently saw Billy Currington in concert! We love to travel. We’ve been long distance since our engagement, so we spend a lot of time meeting in the middle as often as we can.”

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– How did Josh propose to Kristina?

“My uncle has a ranch out in Laredo, TX and there is a hill in the center of the land. That hill is high enough to get a 360 degree view of the place. So, I put candles out from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill leading to a heart filled with rose petals.

At the top of the hill, there is a deer blind. I spelled out ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ in our pictures from over the years on that deer blind.

To get her to dress up without expecting anything, I told her I borrowed my friend’s camera and that we should take pictures like we’ve always wanted to.

I led her up the candle path to the rose petals and asked her to marry me.

At first, she said, “Duh!”, before I got the formal, “YES!” 😂

We cried and hugged it out, then I led her to a picnic table nearby with champagne and everything I’ve kept over the years from our dates together, such as our Austin City Limits Music Festival wristbands, movie tickets and more.”

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– Kristina’s ring?

“The first ring I purchased was the ring I showed to Kristina’s parents when I asked permission for her hand in marriage. A couple days later, her dad reached out to me and gently told me that he was not a fan of the ring and, if I didn’t mind, he would like to go look at rings together. We went to Americus Diamond in San Antonio, Texas. I picked out a solitaire set with a thin band – simple and classic just like Kristina.”

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– Josh’s ring?

“When it came to picking out my ring, we just weren’t sure where to start. We didn’t like anything we saw in the jewelry stores. We knew we wanted something simple, but nice looking on the hand. I work with my hands so I needed something tough. We found Jude Ridge on Instagram, which was cool since Instagram brought us together. Once we started looking into the company, we knew Jude Ridge was for us. Their rings are strong, stylish and affordable. The Plateau was too perfect to pass up.”

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Who is Jude Ridge? Premium tungsten rings, premium wood boxes, free worldwide shipping.

Long-time friends, Dan & Rob, were talking about how much of a hassle it was to find the right ring when it came time to marry their lovely wives.

Predator-like salespeople giving bad style suggestions, the same old gimmicks, multiple trips to the jewelry store, traffic and what seems like an endless amount of time in-store only to discover that the ring choices are terrible, overpriced and worst of all come in a basic velvet box.

That’s when they decided no one else should have to go through what they did (all of the above).

Enter…Jude Ridge. Stylish, scratch-resistant premium tungsten rings that come with a premium wood box and free worldwide shipping at an affordable price.

No pressure. No gimmicks. Just simple, stylish and affordable mailed straight to your door.

Our small team located in South Carolina & Virginia works hard everyday to serve our customers as well as they would their friends and family, because that’s who our first customers were, our friends and family.

You can learn more about our story, our goal and the experience by clicking here.

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