Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight – Andi & Logan Pope

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight – Andi & Logan Pope

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Andi & Logan Pope - Dan Bushkin Photography
© Dan Bushkin Photography

Andi and Logan Pope are an awesome couple from California (Arkansas originally) that Jude Ridge is proud to call customers. Andi & Logan took the time to share their awesome love story with us.

Logan is a Marine. We want to say THANK YOU to the Popes for their service and sacrifice!

– How Andi and Logan started dating?

Andi: “Hey there! My name’s Andi. I’m the wife to a super handsome guy named Logan. 

I moved to Arkansas in seventh grade and that’s when I first met Logan. I actually made friends with his little sister and we would all go to the same church together! He was the cute drummer boy at the church. 😄

Logan was always at my house, because my twin brother and he were close friends.

We dated other people right after high school, but he was very persistent and he finally convinced me to go on a date with him.

I will never forget our first date (which was right after he got out of boot camp)! He picked me up and drove me an hour away from our little country hometown to go to a drive-in movie.

We talked the whole time in the car and I don’t even remember what movie was playing.

I just remember he was so nervous, because he leaned in to kiss me and he tripped onto the ground. 😂 It was the cutest thing! ❤️

After that night I just knew he was the one for me.”


Logan: “Its early 2013 and I’m still in the delayed entry program to get into the Marine Corps. My best friend (Andi’s brother) was my roommate.

I bugged him everyday to set something up between me and Andi.

She of course never blinked an eye at me, because I was a little ‘rough around the edges’.

That never stopped me from trying though! 😃

The year went on and I left for boot camp in early December that same year. Once I came home on leave from boot camp, I had about 20 days.

I linked up with Andi’s brother and eventually he convinced her to come to a get together that I too was attending.

I don’t know what it was that night, but I just wanted to leave.

Probably because it wasn’t the setting I wanted to make a grand gesture at.

So, I called a ride to come get me.

I’m waiting outside and Andi walks out.

I did everything not to choke on my own words and tried to keep my cool.

She asked me to stay and gave me our first kiss.

I was mesmerized.

We spent the rest of my leave together non-stop. I just wanted to be with Andi every waking second.

Leave eventually ended. We said our goodbyes and made our promises. I returned to California and she stayed in Arkansas.

For the next few months, we tried our best to stay connected with 3,700 miles between us.

It was hard, but we scraped every dime together so we could make visits happen.”

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Andi & Logan Pope - Wandering West Photography
© Michelle Bongirno Photography

– How did Logan propose to Andi?

Andi: “When it came time for Logan to propose, he was so nervous I thought he was going to pass out!

His face was so pale and he was shaking all over!

It was just Logan and I at the beach. Very intimate. No family around or anything.

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Of course, I said yes! We laid on the beach for hours after that and just planned our future!”


Logan: “The night I proposed was a blur of craziness.

We had spent a whole day walking basically from San Clemente to Laguna and everywhere in between.

I had the ring in my pocket all day and it seemed like it was on fire! 🔥🤣

I was totally obvious.

We ate on the pier in San Clemente and afterwards took a walk on the beach where I finally stopped her and got on one knee.

It was so nerve racking. I was literally shaking head to toe and could barely get the words out.

She’s always had the ability to take my breath away and this moment was no different.

She said, “Yes!” and we spent the next several hours cuddled up on an old lifeguard tower on the beach.

That was, without a doubt, the best moment and greatest accomplishment of my life.”

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Andi & Logan Pope - Wandering West Photography - 2
© Wandering West Photography

– Things Andi and Logan like to do together?

Andi: “Logan and I do a lot of things for fun. We have two little boys who keep us busy.

Our family loves to go to the beach, cook out, watch football and go to concerts! 

We also enjoy getting on the lake with the boat having a good time with friends!

We try to stay busy outdoors. Logan loves to works on cars, drag race and go to NASCAR races!

I love to go thrift shopping every Sunday after church!

Logan and I are apart a lot, because his job is very demanding.

But, something we always do is we make time to date each other and treat each other like we did when we were dating.

We pause and don’t let ourselves get caught up in ‘life’. That’s why our marriage is so good.”

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Andi & Logan Pope - Wandering West Photography - 3
© Wandering West Photography

– Andi’s ring?

Andi: “My wedding ring is a beautiful heirloom! I’m a simple kind of girl, so the simpler the better for me!”

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Andi & Logan Pope - Wandering West Photography - 4
© Wandering West Photography

– Logan’s ring?

Andi: “We chose The Cliff from Jude Ridge for Logan’s ring. Logan LOVED the style and detail. As a Marine, he’s always having to take his ring off and on all the time! Logan likes that the ring is easy to slide on and feels lightweight on his finger. It’s perfect for his type of job!”

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Andi & Logan Pope - Dan Bushkin Photography 2
© Dan Bushkin Photography
Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Andi & Logan Pope - The Cliff
© Jude Ridge

– Vendors associated with photos?

Photo:  © Dan Bushkin Photography & © Wandering West Photography
Host & Styling: @Styled_HWY
Bridal: Smitten Bridal
Grooms Wear: Stitch & Tie
Venue: San Moritz Lodge
PhotoBus: The Wander Wagen
Floral: Kristin Smith Floral Concepts
Hair:  Lizeth Carrillo
Invitation Suite: Eros Studios
Calligraphy: Eternal Calligraphy & Design
MUA Bridal: Make Up by Kylie Keys


Who is Jude Ridge? Premium tungsten rings, premium wood boxes, free worldwide shipping.

Long-time friends, Dan & Rob, were talking about how much of a hassle it was to find the right ring when it came time to marry their lovely wives.

Predator-like salespeople giving bad style suggestions, the same old gimmicks, multiple trips to the jewelry store, traffic and what seems like an endless amount of time in-store only to discover that the ring choices are terrible, overpriced and worst of all come in a basic velvet box.

That’s when they decided no one else should have to go through what they did (all of the above).

Enter…Jude Ridge. Stylish, scratch-resistant premium tungsten rings that come with a premium wood box and free worldwide shipping at an affordable price.

No pressure. No gimmicks. Just simple, stylish and affordable mailed straight to your door.

Our small team located in South Carolina & Virginia works hard everyday to serve our customers as well as they would their friends and family, because that’s who our first customers were, our friends and family.

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