Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight – Morgan Hucks & Joseph Black

Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight – Morgan Hucks & Joseph Black

Photo Of Jude Ridge Customer Spotlight - Morgan Hucks & Joseph Black

Morgan Hucks and Joseph Black are an awesome couple from Charlotte, North Carolina that Jude Ridge is proud to call customers. Joseph took the time to share with us how much Morgan means to him. It’s an honor for us to feature their love story.

– How Joseph and Morgan met?

“Morgan and I met at Coyote Joe’s (a live music venue) one night. One of my best friends introduced me to Morgan when we were walking around, and we just said “Hey” to each other. That night, I added her on Facebook on the way home.

I just knew that I had to get to know her…some way, some how.

After she accepted the friend request, I messaged her right away, and well, she shot me down and didn’t even respond.

She actually did this for the next two years. I tried a few times to invite her out on the lake with friends, but she wouldn’t come.

I later found out it was simply because it was a group invite, rather than just Morgan and I hanging out.

Then, my lucky day was my birthday in September of 2016. Morgan posted to my Facebook wall, “Happy Birthday!!” and I just so happened to have my phone in my hand. So, you can bet that I immediately messaged her and said, “Hey, Whats up Stranger?”.

About 30 minutes later, I had her number and it was all uphill from there.

We began spending more and more time together. Once we hung out for the first time, I knew there was no way I could ever let her go.

I remember thinking, “I HAVE to marry this woman!” But, I figured I had to give it a fair amount of time, so people wouldn’t think I was crazy. 🙂

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– How long have Joseph and Morgan known each other?

“We first met in 2014, but didn’t start dating until 2016.”

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– How did Joseph propose to Morgan?

After 13 months of dating, I went to Jared and bought the PERFECT ring for her. She had no idea and I had no help picking it out, but I just knew she would love it.

Morgan’s mom and dad helped me get everyone together for her birthday on October 27, 2017 at her favorite place – her grandparents’ house.

If there was anywhere she would want this special day to happen, it would be at her favorite place and with her favorite people – her family.

I figured with it being her birthday, she would assume everyone was getting together just to eat dinner, have cake and open gifts. IT WORKED!

I bought her a gun for her birthday. It was one she had been eyeing for a while, so I knew she would be excited. She opened the box, saw the gun and was so ecstatic.

The next box she opened had silencing headphones and bullets of course. I insisted that we go down to the edge of her grandparents land so she could shoot her new gun, and she was all for it.

So, everyone followed us and I was so nervous. Not because I was unsure of her answer. but because this was the most exciting time of our lives and I wanted it to be perfect for her! She deserved it.

She took her first shot and turned around smiling not knowing that I had gotten down on my knee.

She immediately starting crying. She didn’t even look at the ring for another 20 minutes, because she was just so happy about what was going on.

When she finally looked down at her hand after crying with her family, she ran back to me and said, “It’s perfect! This ring and this day, you made it all perfect!” Mission accomplished!

So the years of pursuit and Facebook messaging were worth it. My persistence paid off and now I get to spend the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams and she tells me she thinks she is pretty lucky too.” 🙂

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– Things Joseph and Morgan like to do together?

“We love to be outdoors. Traveling. Shooting guns. Four-wheeling. Going to Panthers and Braves games. You name it, we just love being together.”

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– Joseph’s ring?

“I picked The Cliff for my ring. Morgan and I both just really loved the look of the design and black tungsten. It fits perfect and the wooden box it comes in is awesome!”

Photo Of Morgan Hucks And Joseph Black


Who is Jude Ridge? Premium tungsten rings, premium wood boxes, free worldwide shipping.

Long-time friends, Dan & Rob, were talking about how much of a hassle it was to find the right ring when it came time to marry their lovely wives.

Predator-like salespeople giving bad style suggestions, the same old gimmicks, multiple trips to the jewelry store, traffic and what seems like an endless amount of time in-store only to discover that the ring choices are terrible, overpriced and worst of all come in a basic velvet box.

That’s when they decided no one else should have to go through what they did (all of the above).

Enter…Jude Ridge. Stylish, scratch-resistant premium tungsten rings that come with a premium wood box and free worldwide shipping at an affordable price.

No pressure. No gimmicks. Just simple, stylish and affordable mailed straight to your door.

Our small team located in South Carolina & Virginia works hard everyday to serve our customers as well as they would their friends and family, because that’s who our first customers were, our friends and family.

You can learn more about our story, our goal and the experience by clicking here.

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